8 amazing minutes!

8 amazing minutes!


In 1985 there were 8 recorded minutes that still today represent one of the greatest moments in boxing, it was called “The War”.  The first round of the fight was the best round ever fought in boxing to include those fought on the big screen by Rocky.    


The first round of this fight has everything most movies pack-in in 2 hours: the action, the blood, the atmosphere. Hagler sustained a cut on his forehead that copiously bled, while Hearns fractured his right hand. After the first round’s bell, people in the stands were jumping up and down and yelling themselves hoarse


Round 2 continued where the first one left off, but both fighters had to reduce the pace.


The last and decisive Round 3 started with a pair of light rights from Hearns to Hagler’s face, who countered with a right himself.


The constant blows to Hagler’s face aggravated the cut on his forehand, to the point where ring referee Richard Steele called a timeout to let the ring doctor take a look at Hagler.


After a short examination, the bout continued and the defending champ switched into overdrive, fearing his titles were now in jeopardy.


He landed a booming right that forced Hearns to take a couple of steps back towards the ring's center. Hagler chased after him and landed another right to the Hitman’s temple, following it up with a left-right combination.


Hearns fell on Hagler’s shoulder, then slid down his body and hit the ring floor. Slow to get up, Hearns could not beat the count, and the greatest eight minutes of boxing were recorded.


This 8 minute digital recording represents an amazing moment in time that impacted a culture.  To witness humans perform to such a level only dreamed up in movies and video games let’s us all know what we are truly capable of when we focus on our passion.


We live in an amazing time with the ability to share great athletic moments around the world directly from your mobile phone within seconds.  This amazing fight between Marvin Hagler and Tommy Hearns was only viewed by a few hundred thousand.  Today that same great moment can be instantly viewed by millions.  The impact of this capability defines us all,  when we know what is possible we can dream bigger and pursue greater passions.  Venues such as 1replay that allow you share and post these astonishing moments are helping to shape future generations that will accomplish even greater heights and fuel the dreams of many.


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